Virtually Impossible Memory Walls



Virtually Impossible Memory Walls is designed to test memory recall and quick thinking. Fans of puzzle and brain training games will certainly love this. Advenire Software challenges you to beat the game. Good Luck!

Game Play: The playing field is a grid of random walls. A random set of walls show up and disappear. The player needs to remember where the walls are. A start point becomes visible. The player is tasked with recalling the path from the start point to the outer grid. The player needs to pick a grid location where the path ends. The game escalates in difficulty. On timed levels, players must stay cool under pressure. Virtually Impossible Memory Walls is designed to rigorously challenge your memory recall.

6 Worlds
6 Levels
36 Total Levels

Level Description:
World 1: 8-14 Walls
World 2: 10-16 Walls – Timed
World 3: 10-16 Walls – Timed, Repeat
World 4: 10-16 Walls – Timed, Repeat
World 5: 16-18 Walls – Timed
World 6: 18-20 Walls – Timed, Repeat

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